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ELJEN Technology responds to demands of various types of custom made scintillation detectors, either specially formulated plastic and/or liquid scintillators, detector cells and assemblies by particular requests.  This page is exhibiting examples of custom made detectors which were made by customers' special requests. 
  Phoswich cell in multiple holes honeycomb shape, made by
  Plastics inert ( low chemical attackability ) Liquid scintillator and
  Liquid scintillator resistive plastics.
Long decay plastics scintillator multiple holes honeycomb shell filled by liquid scintillator which has fast/long two decay time components for gamma and neutrons for accurate neutron response study in high gamma field.
To realize this special phoswich cell, two unique inventions were successfully done.
First plastics scintillator which has very high resistivity to liquid scintillator chemical attack with high relatie light output and long decay timing was developed by ELJEN.   Secondary, very special liquid scintillator which has equivalent prperties to EJ-301 (NE-213) but has quite low chemical attack characteristics to plastics was also developed.
Finally, precision machining work team at ELJEN realized this unique plastics cell which ahs 187 small inner holes filled by EJ-399-06 special liquid scintillator.

Honeycomb plastic/liquid phoswich cell

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