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ELJEN Technology responds to demands of various types of custom made scintillation detectors, either specially formulated plastic and/or liquid scintillators, detector cells and assemblies by particular requests.  This page is exhibiting examples of custom made detectors which were made by customers' special requests. 
  Liquid scintillator cell with front mounted plastics scintillator discs.
  2" x 2" liquid scintillator cell with
  various thickness plastics discs (with light-guide).

Liquid scintillator cell neutron detector with front mounted plastics scintillator to evaluate the contrbution of recoiled proton to liquid.

This specially made plastic scintillator disc and liquid cell are for precision measurement of recoilded proton contribution to neutron detection liquid cell.

Right photograph shows the EJ-399-06 liquid cell.
Below left and right photographs show various thickness EJ-299-13 plastic scintillator discs for proton measurement.
liquid scintillator cell
front mount plastic to liquid cell front mount plastic to liquid cell

Specially made 2" x 2" EJ-399-06 filled liquid scintillator cell for front side neutron beam irradiation and also from cell size face.   This cell is made to precisely evaluate position dependence of scintillation efficiency in liquid cell to deposited neutron beam.   On both 180° positioned cell side wall has engraved shape 3 positions thin windows on each sides and on the center of front face.   All windows are made to thin by engraving cell wall to minimize beam energy deposition for precise measurement.

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